Can fashion break the silence that surrounds an epidemic?

This is Harajuku, a street in Tokyo Japan. In a country🗾 known for conformity this is where you come to stand out. In Harajuku, style is defined by defying the norms but a new look is challenging one of Japan’s deepest taboos:- Depression😟 and mental illness. The style is called Yami Kawaii (かわいいかわいい) which means sick cute.

Can fashion break the silence that surrounds an epidemic?
What exactly is yami kawaii and what exactly does it mean?

Quo is a Python based module for writing Command-Line Interface(CLI) applications.

Quo improves programmer’s productivity because it’s easy to use and supports auto completion which means less time will be spent debugging. Simple to code, easy to learn, and does not come with needless baggage.

A Command Line Interface toolkit,

Coming soon

Some baby animals come into the world with all the instincts necessary for survival. They don’t need parents to care for them. Other animals must learn how to survive.

“It’s soooo cute!” That’s how most people react to a cuddly puppy or an adorable kitten. There are millions of kinds of animal babies. Some are tiny versions of their parents; others don’t look at all like the adults they will eventually become. Some enter the world fully “dressed,” while others lack fur or feathers.

Data analytics overview

In data analysis, a data ecosystem includes the software, infrastructure, tools used, frameworks, and methods used to gather, prepare, analyze, mine, and visualize data.

Data can be categorized as structured semi-structured, or unstructured.

  • Structured data can be organized into rows and columns an example of structured data is spreadsheets.
  • Semi-structured data is a mix of data that has consistent characteristics and data that doesn’t conform to a rigid structure. For example, emails. …

Sashay is an all in automatic installer for useful linux tools. It works flawlessly on any of the following:

* Android (Termux, androlinux, userLand etc)

* Linux (All Debian Based Systems)


Clone the project files from Github. /sashay

Change directory: cd sashay

Execute: chmod +x install

Run: sh install or ./install

How to use👨‍💻

Type Sashay or sshy in your terminal. Each number represents a specific output:

(1) : Type 1 to show all available tools. Type the number corresponding number of a tool which you want to install.

(2) : Type 2 to show tools categories

(3) : Type 3 to update sashay

(4) : Type 4 to know more about Us

(x) : Type x to exit sashay

Endemic diseases exist in many parts of the world; epidemics may extend and become pandemics. The speed of modern travel has maf the world a global village. Disease can spead around the world as fast as man can travel.

If steps were not taken to combat these events then diseases could spead very quickly around the world. If suitable precautions were not taken, vectors of certain diseases eg. Zika virus, could be conveyf half way around the world in a matter of hours.

Individual countries cannot act in isolatim in preventing spread of disease from one nation to another. …

Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not... how someone I know overcame depression.

I sat in a busy waiting room smiling apologetically at the nice middle-aged lady opposite me. My arm was bleeding through the layers of dressings as I struggled to contain the flow of blood onto my hands, and the floor.

I walked up to the reception desk whilst waiting politely for my turn. I requested some paper towels to clean up the mess I had made.

The doctors asked if I had wanted to die, I told them I didn’t know, I just didn’t want to live. They asked if I wanted to stay in the hospital I said I…

I did not learn to swim until I was a sophomore in University. I had always been afraid of water. But I knew that water would hold my weight. I had seen it happen to others many times. Yet, even with determination, it was a long time before I was able to let my body prove what I knew. It was a thrilling experience when I finally pushed off, I laid back in the water and let it hold me up. Then I was able to learn to move easily through the water.

Many times I forget that I have people all around who are always ready to uphold and strengthen me.

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